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"Professional Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Through the process of coaching, the client deepens its knowledge, increases efficiency and improves life quality."

(International Coaching Federation)
Leave the mind!

The methodology of coaching is one that has developed over the years into a full-fledged methodology. As a coach I believe and have experienced that setting goals generates high value in today's day to day life.

Often mountains of tasks make us lose sight of what we really want. Thus creating powerful goals often feels difficult or even impossible.

The methodology of coaching is proactive and relies on personal responsibility. It is a process with your current situation as the starting point, from here you formulate and set solid objectives.
As your coach, I am a facilitator in this interactive and individual process where the focus is that you can more easily and more effectively reach your goals. Through listening, observations and questions I can accelerate the process you choose, so you can enjoy the fruits of your life in a future here and now.

You do not have to do this alone.

The decision to engage in such a process and to find out is of course completely yours, although I would like you to know that a orientation session is completely free of charge.

  • Trajectory

    The duration depends on the objective which is set. You can count on a one to three months trajectory, with several sessions that may vary between four to ten.

    The length of a session is sixty minutes. Which days and hours are agreed together and possibly amended by mutual agreement.

  • Advantages

    * Coaching is proactive
    * Discover your dreams and what you really want
    * Work on strategies to achieve your goals
    * Experience personal growth
    * Become more aware
    * Discover and understand who you are
    * Create tools for everyday use
    * Encounter yourself motivated
    * Have quick and lasting results

  • Confidential


Your Coach
Hello! My name is Marijn Scholte, I am from The Netherlands and nowadays I am based as an independent professional coach in Madrid, Spain.

Being brought up within the dutch knowledgeable and efficient culture and having merged that with the effective and human mediterranean culture I see myself as an experienced entrepreneur in a more and more individualistic and free market European society.

For me being there for others is very (if not most) important. I consider being able to give support, adjusted to someones exact needs and desires, fundamental. And besides enjoying to do so, I take it very serious.
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I am certified as an Expert in Coaching. A certification I obtained at the Crearte Coaching School in Madrid. The certificate is recognized by the International Coaching Federation, the world reference for quality in Coaching.

Curious? Don't doubt to ask for a free orientation session!